I'm back

I have just got back after some time away. I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays so far and have found time to relax and be with loved ones. If like me, you enjoy wrapping gifts and crafting you have probably been in your element. Whether you love cooking, giving handmade gifts or festive crafts, it is the perfect time of year to get busy making. 

Scarf gift wrap

I wanted to try something different in the way of wrapping a present. Then I remembered I have this nice scarf that I don't do anything with. Hey presto, with just a scarf I had simple, stylish and free gift wrap. Why haven't I tried this before? Unlike most present wrapping there was no paper/sellotape/glue or ribbon needed, so very eco-friendly. It was also very low maintenance to put together, it took me all of 10 seconds to do. It is an especially nice thing to do if the person you are buying for likes scarves, as it is two gifts in one.  

Whilst I just used the simple pull opposite ends together to tie the knot technique above, there are quite a few scarf knotting techniques out there. If you want to try some other knot types head over to the Lush website. They have a few video clips showing you how to achieve different types of scarf knotting (including knot-wrap bow, flower and string bag). If you love wrapping gifts it is worth a look. 

Lush also sell recycled scarves to use as gift wrap and have their own scarf wrapped gift sets. Lush products and a lovely scarf! I am tempted to get one for myself.

(P.s/ this post was not sponsored by Lush, I just really like their stuff!)     

Festive gift wrapping

Snowflake confetti + embroidery thread =  decorative winter garland for a present. So easy to make. What do you think?

How-to make a curtain from a scarf

Have you got a scarf that you love but never wear? Maybe you could turn it into a curtain for your home, its easy. 

All you need is a scarf
This is how to make one:
1, Measure your window first. Make sure the scarf is both long enough and wide enough to cover the window. If it is to long, cut off the extra fabric from where the top of the curtain will be (allowing for the extra length needed for the casing). 
2, Next, make a casing for your curtain pole. You can do this by folding over (to the back) the side of fabric that you want to be the top. Sew a straight line along the top leaving an inch or two margin depending on the thickness of your curtain pole. Cut off or leave any tassles/fraying on your scarf according to your preference. That is it! 
You can add a bit of vintage glamour to your window by putting up a lace panel. Lace can be dyed any colour to match the scheme you already have. No one does this better in my opinion than Pearl Lowe. You can find inspiration on her lovely website

Autumn gift wrapping

My favourite season of the year is nearly over. I have always liked Autumn. I love the colours that the leaves change to on the trees. A flash of colour before the darkness of winter. So combining my love of autumn with wrapping gifts here are two presents I have recently wrapped. 

I think the grass wrapping paper that I used above adds an illusion of texture. It was a great purchase, I have a few other ideas of how I can use it. 

The second gift, wrapped up in brown paper is livened up a bit with some embroidery thread and leaves cut out of coloured paper. It was quite time consuming drawing then cutting out all those leaves. There are probably much quicker ways to do it. Anyway, I quite like the results of the colourful leaves on the thread against the plain brown paper. If I hadn't used it on wrapping it would have been draped like bunting somewhere in my craft (clutter) corner. 

How-to make lavender hearts from upcycled fabric

I must have made a lavender heart for nearly everyone I know. They are so easy to make and a great way of using up scraps of fabric. I think they make a lovely gift. You can personalise them in a variety of ways. Whether you sew the recipients initials on the front or use their favourite colours it guarantees to be a unique and personal gift. 

This is what you need to make one:
1, Fabric (I like to use old jumpers or in this case a pair of my daughters out grown tights. Cotton fabrics always work well for me, some slippery fabrics like satin can be tricky to sew).
2, Dried lavender
3, Ribbon and button
4, Thread
5, Heart template
6, Scissors

This is how to make one:
1, Draw around a template of a heart onto your fabric twice.
2, Cut out your heart shapes.
3, Put the two heart shapes together right sides facing inwards. Sew around the edge and leave about an inch/inch and a half open to put in your lavender.
4, Turn it right side out and fill with dried lavender. Close opening with slip stitch.
5, Attach ribbon and button securely at the top of the heart with needle and thread.

TIP: No ribbon at home? Check around, you may have ribbons in places you haven't thought of. Below are some ideas of where you could find some. Old diaries and notebooks often have a ribbon to mark the page, some clothing (in my experience pyjamas) often come wrapped in ribbon. You can also find ribbon on old gift bags and price tags, as well as inside clothes. Tops and skirts often have thin ribbons to help the item stay on the hanger. If the ribbon is very thin you could plait it. Alternatively, thread some beads or use part of an old bracelet instead.

Welcome to my new blog

Hello, welcome to Rose Tinted Crafting. My name is Hannah and I love making things. I got back into crafts just over a year ago and I hope that this is the place where I can share what I make and the things that inspire me.

I am so nervous about starting this blog. I have followed some lovely craft blogs over the years but this is my first attempt at doing one myself. So bear with me while I get to grips with everything involved in putting a blog together and hopefully I will grasp it quickly and give you a blog full of crafty goodness.

I hope you enjoy it here at Rose Tinted Crafting. If you would like to contact me you can leave a comment in the comments section of the posts or contact me by e-mail or through Twitter.  

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