Autumn gift wrapping

My favourite season of the year is nearly over. I have always liked Autumn. I love the colours that the leaves change to on the trees. A flash of colour before the darkness of winter. So combining my love of autumn with wrapping gifts here are two presents I have recently wrapped. 

I think the grass wrapping paper that I used above adds an illusion of texture. It was a great purchase, I have a few other ideas of how I can use it. 

The second gift, wrapped up in brown paper is livened up a bit with some embroidery thread and leaves cut out of coloured paper. It was quite time consuming drawing then cutting out all those leaves. There are probably much quicker ways to do it. Anyway, I quite like the results of the colourful leaves on the thread against the plain brown paper. If I hadn't used it on wrapping it would have been draped like bunting somewhere in my craft (clutter) corner. 

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