How-to make lavender hearts from upcycled fabric

I must have made a lavender heart for nearly everyone I know. They are so easy to make and a great way of using up scraps of fabric. I think they make a lovely gift. You can personalise them in a variety of ways. Whether you sew the recipients initials on the front or use their favourite colours it guarantees to be a unique and personal gift. 

This is what you need to make one:
1, Fabric (I like to use old jumpers or in this case a pair of my daughters out grown tights. Cotton fabrics always work well for me, some slippery fabrics like satin can be tricky to sew).
2, Dried lavender
3, Ribbon and button
4, Thread
5, Heart template
6, Scissors

This is how to make one:
1, Draw around a template of a heart onto your fabric twice.
2, Cut out your heart shapes.
3, Put the two heart shapes together right sides facing inwards. Sew around the edge and leave about an inch/inch and a half open to put in your lavender.
4, Turn it right side out and fill with dried lavender. Close opening with slip stitch.
5, Attach ribbon and button securely at the top of the heart with needle and thread.

TIP: No ribbon at home? Check around, you may have ribbons in places you haven't thought of. Below are some ideas of where you could find some. Old diaries and notebooks often have a ribbon to mark the page, some clothing (in my experience pyjamas) often come wrapped in ribbon. You can also find ribbon on old gift bags and price tags, as well as inside clothes. Tops and skirts often have thin ribbons to help the item stay on the hanger. If the ribbon is very thin you could plait it. Alternatively, thread some beads or use part of an old bracelet instead.

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