Collector or hoarder?

I am not a collector of buttons. Or rather I thought I wasn't until I rearranged some craft supplies and realised I actually have loads of them! A lot have been cut off garments that I have upcycled or are the spares you get sewn inside tops etc (I do love a free button! Is that sad?). I have kept them, just in case they were needed. 

Seeing the variety of buttons I have reminded me of my Grandmas big jar of buttons I used to like looking through as a child. Funny how a memory can come out of looking at random objects. As yet no occasion has come up for me to use any of these buttons, but if one does I will be well prepared.

You could say that I am more of a hoarder than a collector. Of buttons that is. I am definitely a collector of books.The difference? I think it comes down to how much enjoyment you get from adding to your collection. Whilst I like looking at all my pretty buttons (I will be putting mine in a jar later to show them off and have as a nostalgic reminder) I rarely buy them and it doesn't compare to the excitement I feel when I get a book I want through the post. Do you hoard or collect anything? Is there a fine line between the two?


  1. I collect buttons too! I have a whole massive tin full!

    1. Lovely! Everyone should have a tin of buttons. They are so nice to look at and you never know if they will come in handy.


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