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Happy new year! A new year always feels like a fresh start for me and a time to refocus on my goals. One of my goals this year (and most years if I am honest) is it to get organised. Starting small, I wanted to put all my loose recipes that were on bits of paper scattered in a cupboard on to cards and then kept in a box. For the box I decided to use an empty chocolate box and upcycle it with wrapping paper. 
Here is how to do the box
All you need is: a cardboard box, decorative paper, sticky-back plastic, scissors and glue.
1, Open up the box and lay it out flat. 
2, With the box facing down on top of the patterned paper (also face down), draw around the box leaving an extra margin for the paper to be folded over the edges and glued down.
3, Cut out.
4, The next steps are if you want to cover your patterned paper with sticky back plastic (which makes it a bit easier to clean and ensures the decorative paper does not rip off). Using the patterned paper you just cut out as a template place on top of your sticky back plastic and draw around (I left an extra margin all around on the sticky back plastic to help secure it to the box). 

5, Lay the sticky side of the plastic carefully onto the top of patterned side of paper so there are no bubbles.
6, Apply glue onto the front of your box and stick down the patterned paper. Fold over the extra margins and glue down. Reassemble the box back into its original shape gluing down the sides. Then leave to dry. All done, now just add a label if you wish.

I made another one below out of a tea box.
Not sure what to use it for yet.


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