How-to upcycle a bangle with fabric

Last week I fancied dressing up a plain outfit with some jewellery. This will be easy I thought, I will go get my jewellery box. It is kept in the back of my wardrobe (and hadn't seen the light of day for years). Inside though I found a sad collection of broken costume jewellery, single earrings and tarnished rings, the majority of which purchased when I was a teenager. It was like a little time capsule to my youth. The items inside had only been kept for sentimental reasons or due to their upcycling potential. 

Needless to say my outfit stayed plain that day. It did give me the impetus however, to add some new jewellery pieces to my box so that if an occasion arouse again to dress up an outfit I would have at least a couple of options. 

I hit the sales in search of a nice bracelet and/or necklace to add to my (very sad) jewellery collection. I went into one shop though, saw a lot of people inside with a very long que at the till and walked out again. With two small children in tow shopping can be somewhat of an ordeal. That along with the fact I rarely find anything I like due to my unusual taste meant my shopping trip was over before it had even begun. I prefer jewellery and accessories made from fabric, felt or beads and that is not always easy to find. I would, I resolved, just make the sort of thing I like instead.

I was lacking somewhat in the inspiration department until I came across these secondhand wooden bangles below. I knew they had potential and decided to brighten them up with some scraps of nice fabric that I already had. 
All you need to make fabric covered bangles are: bangles, fabric, modge podge glue, small brush and scissors. I started off by cutting long strips of fabric approximately two inches wide. I then applied a thin layer of modge podge glue directly onto the fabric (if you apply too much it will seep through and leave a glue stain) a couple of inches at a time and wrapped it around the bangle. I then let it dry overnight. Done. A great way of using up those scraps of fabric you just can't throw away and have your own unique jewellery. 

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