Homemade natural deodorant

I found this easy recipe for natural deodorant that I wanted to try on wellnessmama.com. I decided to make some up for myself and a bit extra for my mum (the only person I know who would not be offended at receiving deodorant as a gift!). It only uses a few ingredients and I had all but one of those already. All you need for the basic version (the second recipe) is baking soda, arrow root, coconut oil, an essential oil (this one is optional) and a container (nutella jar in my case). 

Putting something completely natural and chemical free on my skin felt quite liberating. It is slightly strange at first if you are not used to applying deodorant with your fingers but I soon got used to it. The deodorant is more of a solid paste in cooler temperatures, but on hot days it will become liquid so may need to go in the fridge for a little while before you plan on putting it on. 

I have been using it mainly on days I'm at home and it works quite well. The real test however, would be to wear it on days where activity or stress is anticipated (this shouldn't be anytime soon in my case if all my avoidance strategies for stress and exercise continue to pay off!). 

Whilst I have bought some beauty products from health/organic shops before it can end up being a bit pricey. So I like finding cheaper (but still natural) alternatives. Wellnessmama.com is a lovely website for those wanting a more natural and chemical free life. It has lots or food recipes, natural cleaning tips as well as homemade how-to's. I plan on trying the recipe for foaming handsoap next as my family gets through so much of the shop bought stuff. 

Another good website I have found on natural living is thankyourbody.com. I am eager to try this recipe for homemade mascara. Just waiting for my current one to run out to wash and re-use the mascara tube container.

Anyone know of other good places on the web for homemade beauty products or do you have your own recipes that work well? I would love to hear about them.

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