Best use of a heart ramekin? Maybe, I just love pretty pastel colours.

Easy DIY chocolate lollies

If you are looking to make a super quick treat for someone you love or easy and cheap (depending on the brand of chocolate you use) party favours, this is a winner. I have made chocolate lollies a few times with my kids and they love making them almost as much as eating them.

You will need a plastic lolly mould like the one below. I got this from EBay and they come in various shapes and sizes. You will also need about 120grams (depending on the mould size) of chocolate and lolly/cake pop sticks. That is it for the basic version. We also used edible sugar crystals, heart sprinkles for cakes and smarties to decorate the lollies.
To make the lollies: 
Get your mould tray ready first because once the chocolate is melted you don't have long before it starts to firm up. Start by putting any sprinkles etc that you want to decorate your lollies into the heart shapes in the mould. Then place the lolly sticks in their alloted place. 

Now for melting the chocolate. I use the microwave as it is the quickest way. The length of time it will take to melt will of course depend on the microwaves wattage. I put mine on high (it's got quite a low wattage) and checked it every 15 or so seconds and gave it a quick stir until it was a runny consistency. Pour the melted chocolate into the heart parts of the mould ensuring even distribution. Then put it in the fridge for approximately half an hour to harden up. That's it, all finished. For an extra touch just add a plastic cello bag and some ribbon to each.

Letter rack makeover

I found this bargain retro letter rack on eBay and couldn't wait for it to arrive home to put all my letters in. I mean of course real letters, with stamps on. Not the depressing utility bill and statement kind, they are kept where they deserve to be hidden in a draw.

When the letter rack came though it looked really sad and unloved and in desperate need of brightening up. So I spray painted the the metal part of the rack and replaced the fabric. The fabric I got free in a craft kit with a craft magazine I regularly buy (thank you Homemaker Magazine). So apart from the cost of the pink spray paint, which I plan on getting a lot of use out of, it cost me nothing to upcycle. 

Here it is, a not at all sad looking letter rack.
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