Brightening up my mail with handmade stamps

I love having nice stamps to put on the letters I send out, I think they really brighten up a plain envelope. Whenever I go to the post office though, they are always sold out of the nice decorative picture stamps. So I often end up ordering them online instead from the Royal Mail website. Whilst the Royal Mail do have some nice stamps in their range, I find it is, however, quite limited and you also have to pay for delivery. I have therefore been looking at other ways to decorate my mail instead. After a bit browsing on the internet I came across this paper punch on EBay that makes stamp shapes the same size of actual stamps. 
It was a bit pricey for me but after alot of hesitation I decided to go ahead and treat myself. I am so glad I did because I love it! As you can see I have already been getting my moneys worth and started to decorate my mail. They don't of course replace normal stamps but I think they make the envelopes a bit more brighter and cheery, which is what I was after. What do you think?

To make the stamps colourful I cut out and glued images from old magazines and decorative paper from my stash onto the stamp shapes. I have also been experimenting with using my own writing and drawings, you can see some I have made below. The stamp paper punch also come in other sizes. The bigger size is now on my (very long) craft supply wish list. I am really addicted to making these stamps and have made so many I don't think I will be sending out a plain envelope for a long time!

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