How-to make bracelets from ribbons

I recently bought some nice ribbon in Hobbycraft. Nearly all my ribbons go straight into my ribbon/trim box (this box by the way makes me ridiculously happy) to use for something later. It occurred to me though, when I opened up the box that none of the loveliness inside ever gets used for anything! What a travesty! I needed to make something fast in order that my little happy box didn't become a sad little box of unused ribbons and trim. 
I had already been toying with the idea of making bracelets out of ribbons but had never been sure of how to go about it. After a little bit of trial and error I settled on a style I like.
All you need to make a bracelet like the one I made above is; ribbon, ribbon end crimps, extension chain, jump rings, a lobster clasp (little beads can also be added for an extra decorative touch) and pliers to open/close the rings and chain. The photo below shows the order I put the components.
They are very easy and quick to make once you get the hang of it.
Here is how I made them;
1) First off, cut your chosen ribbon to a desired length. I find the best way is to wrap it around your wrist before you cut it, so you can decide whether you want the ends to meet or have a bit of a gap. Once you have cut your length of ribbon secure ribbon end crimps on either end. I used the pliers to firmly close the crimps, you could also apply some glue inside the crimps for extra security.  
2) Attach the extension chains (one short and the other longer) to the crimps and add the lobster clasp to the short extension chain. Jump rings need to be used to join the sections together. The pliers make opening and closing the jump rings and extension chains much easier.
3) To fasten the bracelet open the lobster clasp and attach it to either a jump ring or along the long extension chain.
4) That is it!
I have also been experimenting with making the bracelets out of plaited ribbons and lace trim. I really like the results and have been getting a bit carried away with making them. Let me know what you think.

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