How to turn a woman's top into a cushion

I love bright and bold colour home furnishings. I have been on the look out for some bohemian style cushions but haven't been able to find anything I like. I frequently come across women's boho style tunics/tops in my local charity shops though so I thought I would buy some to make my own cushions. I have made a couple so far and this is how I have done it.

Instructions for making a cushion cover out of a top
The instructions below are how to make a cushion cover with an envelope opening at the back.
1) First measure the cushion you want to cover.
2) I made a pattern out of paper using the measurements (I find it easier than drawing straight onto the fabric and as I often use the same size cushions having the pattern saves me measuring up each time). I added an extra 1cm width all round the pattern pieces for the seam allowance. As the cushions I use are square it is the same width and hight. To make a cushion with an envelope back you will need three pieces altogether; the front (square) piece and two back pieces (about two thirds the length of the square front piece) pieces.
3) Onto the front of your top draw around the square template and cut it out.
4) Then draw around the back panel twice on the back of your top and cut them out.  
5) Sew a hem along one long side of each of the back pieces (the long sides that will make the envelope opening).
4) Lay the front square piece right (patterned) side up and place one of the back panels right side down along the top edge and sew along the top and side edges. Then lay the last back panel right side onto the bottom edge (the back panels should overlap) and sew along the bottom and sides. Then turn the cover right side out and place your cushion filling inside using the envelope opening. That's it, all finished. 

How-to turn an envelope into a suitcase (mail art)

This envelope is ready for it's travels! I have transformed a boring brown envelope into a suitcase using a bit of mail art. I am often disappointed by the end result of the things I make. Does it ever happen to you? I will imagine how an idea will look but then the finished product is a big let down. It happens to me all the time! This envelope however, turned out exactly how I imagined and I am pleased with it.
All you need is:
  • An A4 size brown envelope
  • Brown colour washi/masking tape
  • A label
  • Glue
  • 2 key rings 
  • Eyelet plier and 2 eyelets
  • A selection of different country stickers/drawings/print outs from the internet
  • White pen
  • Scissors
  • Handle that has an opening or loop on each end to allow key rings through (can be made from cardboard/fabric or as in my case taken from a zip attached to a purse).
These items are what I used but they could be substituted with alternatives if you can't find them. For example; you could draw the straps and corner ends with a brown pen instead of using washi tape.

1) I started with putting the eyelets in.
2) I then applied the brown washi tape (as shown in the photos)
3) I pulled each of the key rings through the handle ends and then through the eyelet holes. I also put my Buckingham Palace stamps (not the ones I wanted but my post office sells out so fast) at this stage. Please note that with the eyelets in place a flat A4 document will not fit, it would need to be folded.
4) Finally, I glued my stickers and label in place. Tip: play around with how you want the them arranged before sticking down so that colours are spread out and the address label can be seen clearly.
All done!

Do it yourself fabric roses

I love having fresh flowers at home and would buy them all the time if my budget allowed. I do feel a bit sad though when they eventually die. When I came across a pattern to make fabric roses I just had to make some. 
I found the simple rose sewing pattern in Tone Finnanger's 'Sew Pretty Homestyle' book. The authors decor style is lovely. I really enjoy looking through her books. The roses above were made using fabric left over from other projects and a pillow case I didn't want. By adding a safety pin to the back of one you can turn it into a corsage brooch. They can also be attached to hair slides and clips. I think they look nice though simply displayed as they are.

Handmade stationery

Getting ready to write my next letter. Here is some writing paper and an envelope I have nearly finished decorating. I was inspired by the raindrop washi tape and the recent weather we have had here in London to do a rainy theme. It feels nice creating writing paper that is unique for the recipient and I am also finding it much cheaper than buying it from the shops. 

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