How-to turn an envelope into a suitcase (mail art)

This envelope is ready for it's travels! I have transformed a boring brown envelope into a suitcase using a bit of mail art. I am often disappointed by the end result of the things I make. Does it ever happen to you? I will imagine how an idea will look but then the finished product is a big let down. It happens to me all the time! This envelope however, turned out exactly how I imagined and I am pleased with it.
All you need is:
  • An A4 size brown envelope
  • Brown colour washi/masking tape
  • A label
  • Glue
  • 2 key rings 
  • Eyelet plier and 2 eyelets
  • A selection of different country stickers/drawings/print outs from the internet
  • White pen
  • Scissors
  • Handle that has an opening or loop on each end to allow key rings through (can be made from cardboard/fabric or as in my case taken from a zip attached to a purse).
These items are what I used but they could be substituted with alternatives if you can't find them. For example; you could draw the straps and corner ends with a brown pen instead of using washi tape.

1) I started with putting the eyelets in.
2) I then applied the brown washi tape (as shown in the photos)
3) I pulled each of the key rings through the handle ends and then through the eyelet holes. I also put my Buckingham Palace stamps (not the ones I wanted but my post office sells out so fast) at this stage. Please note that with the eyelets in place a flat A4 document will not fit, it would need to be folded.
4) Finally, I glued my stickers and label in place. Tip: play around with how you want the them arranged before sticking down so that colours are spread out and the address label can be seen clearly.
All done!


  1. I LOVE this! such a great idea! definitely want to give this a try! this is seriously so awesome!

    1. Yay! So glad you like it, thanks so much for telling me.


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