A book review on 'Creative Lettering'

Don't you just love nice handwriting? I do, but somehow I just can't seem to achieve it myself. I remember the first time my interest in handwriting was ignited. It was back when I was a young girl and had received a card from my Grandad for a special occasion. I was so struck by his writing style, it was in perfect italics, with lovely curves and flourishes (a new word I have learnt from this book I am about to review). I remember staring at it for quite awhile and thinking that it was art. I resolved to improve my own handwriting so experimented with styles and practised alot. I settled on an italic style that until now I use most of the time. It was and still is way off that of my Grandads standard though.  

With the recent upsurge in the amount of typography and creative lettering I have seen online lately my love for writing beautifully and in different styles has been reignited. I was looking for some inspiration in the form of a book (I love the internet but you can't beat holding some inspiration in your own hands) and I found it! 

The book 'Creative Lettering' showcases the individual styles of a number of different creative lettering artists. Instructions are given on how to replicate their style along with the tools they use to produce it. The tools that were listed were not what I had been expected. I had thought, for some reason that all the artists would use expensive, difficult to find calligraphy fountain pens. I was surprised to find, however, that the majority of the writing styles where achieved with just a simple black fine-point marker pen which can be found in most stationery shops and are quite affordable. Examples of the artists work is also shown throughout the book, providing ample inspiration and ideas to burrow. 

'Creative Lettering' has introduced me to a few artists whose work I've discovered that I like, but may have not have come across otherwise. There are links to the artists website/blog/shop, so if you want to see more of their individual work you can do so through their online sources.
One of my favourite styles in the book is by Aimee Dolich above. I love the bright colours behind the black font, it is so eye catching. Aimee sells a number of items with her creative lettering style online; including prints and washi tape. 
Rhianna Wurmans style of mixed up lettering styles and doodling that she used in the 'favourite word' piece below would look great in a poster design or a journal. I have plans to incorporate some of my own 'favourite words' into my mail art in the future as I think it looks really effective. 
I also thought this writing style above by Lori Vliegen was very pleasing to look at. I had a little practice with just an ordinary Biro pen and really liked the results, and I think I will use it often. Lori's work is lovely. You can take an online class by her if you want to learn her style of writing in more depth, which I might actually do. Included in the book are also some alternative creative lettering techniques using different mediums such confetti, masking fluid and Lego. 

Overall, I was very pleased with the purchase of the book and would rcommend it. I can see myself picking it up to browse often. Since I started reading it I am not only paying more attention to my writing style but I am also noticing creative lettering styles more everywhere (shop signs/posters and in magazines etc). 

The only way I think the book could have been improved would be by having some practice sheets included with faint outlines of the styles to help you get started. I felt a bit perplexed in the beginning at how to start. The instructions are clear but I am the type of person who usually skips reading any instructions to get straight into doing, wanting instant results. I have to concede though that creative lettering is one of those things that just takes a bit of patience and practice. If you like creative lettering or just want to improve your own handwriting however, it is worth investing the time as the results are very worthwhile. 

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