A Mail art kit to brighten a penpals letters

When my penpal wrote in her last letter that she struggled to find nice writing paper I totally empathised. I also found that nice, reasonably priced writing paper was hard to come by when I got into writing letters again. I started to look at ways I could create and decorate my own writing paper instead. I found so much inspiration online through Pinterest (see my mail art board here) and Instagram so quickly started to make my own. I thought I would share with my penpal the ideas and inspiration I have picked up and put together a little mail art kit to brighten up her mail.
Included in the kit were; stickers, twine, magazine cutouts, some diy stamps with blanks to make up (see my how-to here), washi tape, bunting and some extras (paper clips/ tags/ washi flags).
My favourite packet I included in the kit was the magazine cutouts. Above is what I included inside. I like to create mail art with drawings like the ones I did here and here but it can be very time consuming. I think you can create just as nice results using magazine cutouts. There are lots of lovely pictures in magazines. It's so simple, just cut out a picture you like, position and glue it to your writing paper or envelope. Below is an example of what I make.
With the mail art kit I also put in some suggestions (see below) for decorating mail. I often draw things instead of writing them down. Am I the only one who does that?
Anyway, I thought I would put together another mail art kit soon but this time to giveaway on this blog, so watch this space!



  1. I love these ideas! I am a member of Twitters #postcircle and with my love of all things stationery this is right up my street!

  2. Thanks Rachel. I am also a member of #postcircle (must be the same one?). The one thing I am sure we all have in common is a love of all things stationery. Wishing you lots of happy mail!


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