Today I am a guest blogger!

I am lucky enough to be a guest blogger today on the lovely Joanna's blog Adventures and Tea Parties. My craft tutorial on 'How-To Upcycle a Jar to Store Craft Supplies' is featured. I am so excited (and nervous) to have a tutorial I put together, on one of my favourite blogs! It is a real privilege, I just hope I don't cramp the blog's gorgeous style. Joanna's blog is full of craft diy's, reviews and updates on her lovely shops on Etsy and Not on the Highstreet. I particularly enjoyed her 'Starting an Online Shop Series' which has covered; research, pricing, photography, feedback and networking. I am hoping to open my own online shop soon, and the posts have been so helpful in my preparation. If you would like to see my how-to or would like to see a lovely blog, pop on over to Adventures and Tea Parties for a browse. Thanks so much Joanna for the opportunity, I hope I can have another diy featured on your blog again soon. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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