Fruity notebook makeover

I have given my notebooks a fruity makeover! By just covering them with some coloured paper and doing some simple drawing they are now much brighter and colourful. Here is how I did it. 
How I made the melon notebook
To make the melon notebook I used: a notebook, red paper, glue stick, scissors, a black marker, a white pencil and sticky back plastic (the plastic film you use to cover exercise books).
  1. I started by drawing seed shapes onto a sheet of red colour paper. I cut the the paper in half to make two pieces (one for the front cover and other for the back). 
  2. The notebook I used already had a green binding (you could use green washi tape or a green colour marker pen), so I used that colour as the rind. With a white pencil I blended the red and green edges to give a more realisitic rind colour. 
  3. I glued the red paper to the front and back cover (as the book was A5 size and the red paper A4 there wasn't much overlap). 
  4. Using the notebook as a template, I drew and then cut out sticky back plastic to cover the front and back (I left about an inch overlap). I then removed the paper backing from the plastic and adhered it to the notebook, smoothing out bubbles as I went.
How I made the pineapple notebook
I used: a small A6 size notebook, yellow paper, glue stick, scissors, green card, green colouring pencil/ green colour pen and sticky back plastic.  
  1. I drew a criss cross pattern onto a sheet of A4 yellow coloured paper.
  2. I then made a bookmark out of green card to resemble the leaves and stem.
  3. Using the notebook as a template I made a one piece cover out of the yellow sheet of paper with edges that overlap. I also cut out a sticky back plastic piece bigger than the yellow paper to overlap the paper cover.
  4. I glued down the yellow paper onto the notebooks cover including the overlaped edges and covered the paper with the sticky back plastic. All done!

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