Autumn inspired mail art

Yay, autumn is back! My favourite thing about this season is the lovely colours the leaves go on the trees. I've been inspired to create my own autumn themed letter (above). I just drew a tree using some cheap-ish colouring pencils onto plain white notepaper then cut out some leaf shapes from coloured card. I also glued some of my favourite grass wrapping paper into the inside of the plain brown envelope. What do you think?

So glad to be back!

After a much longer than anticipated time abroad it feels wonderful to not only be back in the UK but back in front of my computer screen writing another blog post. The time away has made me realise how much I enjoy having my little blog. I have really missed putting crafty posts together to show you. I plan on taking this blog a lot more seriously from now on, it is just to much fun not to! 

So expect to see a lot more mail art and craft tutorials as well as my crafty inspirations and adventures. The blog posts will be more regular than before and I also have some great giveaways planned. I am putting together a mail art kit at the moment to giveaway very soon and can't wait to show you. 

In the mean time I have a craft tutorial featured on Adventures and Tea Parties blog today showing you how to turn a skirt into a bag. If you like upcycling please go and have a look. Do you have a skirt you never wear but can not part with? Why not turn it into a bag? I will show you how in my tutorial. 

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