Easy bottle to vase transformation.

I've realised lately, that whilst flowers are a real treat for me (whether it be a single flower or a bunch) I really don't make any effort to display them in a special way. 
For years I have not really bothered to use my imagination when it has come to displaying them and have got away with using anything that has come to hand (a tumbler glass, empty pasta sauce jar or even a measuring jug!) to put them in.

O.k, so I am way to thrifty to actually go out and buy any vases. Preferring instead to use what I already have available and upcycling it. But using something that is upcycled to hold your flowers doesn't have to be less stylish than a shop bought vase.

Above is a glass bottle I transformed into a decorative vase with just a bit of lace and ribbon. It only took 5 minutes and looks so colourful (definitely not boring). There are so many options for decorating your old bottles/jars with embellishments and paints etc. So next time you think you don't have an adequate size vase, check your recycling, you might just have the perfect thing!  

My first ever mood board

I have wanted to put together a mood board for ages. I finally got around to it and found it really fun. It is such a nice way of displaying your favorite bits and bobs as well as stuff that gives you inspiration. 
I am looking forward to creating more mood boards soon and have collected some pins on Pinterest for inspiration. So if you are looking for some ideas to help start a mood/inspiration board you can check them out here.

Time for a change

Noticed anything different about the blog? Well, it has had a little makeover. As you can see there hasn't been any drastic changes to how it was before (see below). 
It just has a simpler, cleaner look now that is (hopefully) easier to navigate around. It is still a work in progress though so I will probably be tweaking it now and then. Hope you like the changes and if you have any suggestions for improving this blog further please let me know in the comments bit below. I really appreciate feedback.

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