Snail mail: Autumn theme

My love of Autumn is spreading over into my mail. I couldn't resist putting a package together with an Autumn feel. The colours of this season make me feel all warm and cozy, especially from behind my desk with the rain pouring down outside. I have got into making my own decorative stamps again lately. I have mentioned stamp making before here on the blog. It is such a fun way to add a bit of colour to your envelopes.

For the big envelope I sewed some trim along two of the edges with my sewing machine. It adds texture and definitely makes it stand out! Hope the recipient likes it.

Speaking of Autumn mail, this card I bought below from Paper Sparrow a while back feels perfect to send out this season. In fact, if you like woodland creatures, unicorns or sloths her cards are sure to delight you any time of the year. They are all beautifully illustrated and feel really good quality to. Check out the lovely Paper Sparrow shop over on Etsy to see more.

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