#StationeryLoversXmas Swap

Earlier this month I took part in the lovely #StationeryLoversXmas swap organised by the ladies behind the blogs Claireabelle Makes and Mab is Mab. There was a round up blog post on the Claireabelle Makes blog showing some of the things that were sent and received. I thought I would share the wrapped items I sent to my swap partner with you.

The swap basically involved exchanging stationery items with a partner that you were allocated. I jumped at the chance as I love stationery and receiving things in the post. In the end though, I actually found the buying and wrapping part so much fun I sort of forgot I would get anything in return. 

I was lucky to have been given quite a lot of information about my swap partners stationery likes, so was able to use that as a guide when buying the items. I didn't take a before wrapping photo of the items I sent but they included a notebook, stickers, stamps and washi tape. I even knew my swap partners favourite colour (turquoise) so incorporated it into the wrapping. 

I received these lovely notecards above in the swap. The box they came in is so nice I will use it long after the cards have run out. My favourite bit of the swap was actually the letter my partner sent me. I love that she decorated her own writing paper. We both want to remain pen pals to, so I could not have asked for a better outcome. 

A big thanks to Claire of Claireabelles Makes and Emma of Mab is Mab for organising the stationery swap. Such a great way to top up my stationery collection and connect with the online stationery lovers community.

Snail mail- Winter theme

Want to send someone a bit of (pretend) snow in the mail? All you need is a black envelope, plastic film wrapping and some confetti (or a hole punch and a sheet of white paper). Just cover the envelope with the plastic film wrap leaving an opening to insert your confetti. If you are going to use a hole punch to make your snow confetti keep the little circles that get punched out of the white paper. Then insert the punched out circles/confetti in between the film and the envelope. To finish up, seal the film wrap at the back of the envelope with either clear tape or adhesive. 

If you are worried the address may get covered with the snow you can apply an address label on top of the film on the front of the envelope (like I did with the stamp). I quite like the fact a postal worker may need to shake the envelope like a snow globe to see where it needs to go, so I left the address written on the actual envelope itself. So if you know someone who can not wait for some snow why not send them some happy wintery feel mail.

Mail art- A present in the post!

Here is a simple way to decorate your envelopes that will make your recipient feel they have received something special in the post. Letters can be uplifting, encouraging and perhaps even a source of therapy for some. So getting a letter can often feel like a gift when they arrive. Someone has, after all given you the gift of their time. Decorating my envelopes in the style of a present seemed very apt to me.

All you need to do to re-create this look is cross over some washi/decorative tape on to the envelope and stick on or draw a tag for the address. Any extra details and the address can be added with a pen. 

If you do not have any decorative tape why not try drawing the criss cross shape with a pen (such as felt tip or marker pen) instead.  A present in the post, would it be something you would like to receive? I would love to know what you think, you can leave a comment or tweet me your thoughts.
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