Snail mail- Winter theme

Want to send someone a bit of (pretend) snow in the mail? All you need is a black envelope, plastic film wrapping and some confetti (or a hole punch and a sheet of white paper). Just cover the envelope with the plastic film wrap leaving an opening to insert your confetti. If you are going to use a hole punch to make your snow confetti keep the little circles that get punched out of the white paper. Then insert the punched out circles/confetti in between the film and the envelope. To finish up, seal the film wrap at the back of the envelope with either clear tape or adhesive. 

If you are worried the address may get covered with the snow you can apply an address label on top of the film on the front of the envelope (like I did with the stamp). I quite like the fact a postal worker may need to shake the envelope like a snow globe to see where it needs to go, so I left the address written on the actual envelope itself. So if you know someone who can not wait for some snow why not send them some happy wintery feel mail.

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