Pink themed mail

A little while back I mentioned that I was going to try and cut back on buying writing supplies. It can be quite expensive writing regular letters if, like me you want to use shop bought letter sets. I challenged myself to not buy any new writing supplies for a while and just use what I already have instead. Doing this has definitely encouraged me to be more creative. Luckily I do have some craft supplies which helps but I don't think that it is necessary to have any to make something nice to send. I think if you get in the habit of looking out for materials (magazines/leaflets/giftwrap etc) that you can use and allow yourself to experiment and make mistakes it is quite possible to make gorgeous mail for free. 

I am planning on putting together a series of blog posts sharing my ideas for putting together pretty mail that is cheap/free soon. If this sounds like something you would be interested in reading or have a particular mail decorating query please comment at the end of this post and I will try and tailor the posts to your questions and interests. 

This pink themed letter was put together using decorative paper that came free with a craft magazine last year, some twine, magazine cutouts, a button and paper clip. All free! Well almost, confession time. I couldn't resist buying a little packet of used international mail stamps (which included that pink flower stamp you can see in the photos) from a charity shop the other day. I like decorating my mail with stamps occasionally as they are not only pretty but are also in keeping with the mail theme. As it is my first buying slip up so far I am not feeling to guilty about it.

DIY: Easy 10 minute washi tape art (for mail lovers)

I really love art and have been meaning to create a piece to go on my wall for ages. I particularly like the idea of doing a painting and went as far as buying the canvas, paints and brushes. The problem is though, that I am not confident enough to actually put any paint on to the canvas. I get thoughts like "What if I make a mistake and cant cover it up? What if I don't like it when it is done? Do I throw the canvas in the bin?" So I never start. I looked online at other mediums I could try and was inspired by some washi tape art I had seen. Washi tape seemed the perfect thing to create a piece of art with. It is so quick to apply, easy to change/remove if you make a mistake and as I am not short of washi tape, cheap to put together. I knew straight away what the subject of my art would be, my love of letters (of course).

So I started off by sketching out my design. I then practiced placing the washi tape on sheets of paper a few times to see where, how and what size the strips of washi tape should be. Once I got it how I liked on the paper I just copied it onto some thin card. I measured the lengths of washi tape against the practice version I had on paper to get it the same but you could lightly draw the design with pencil and go over it with tape if you prefer. If you want to use paper instead of card for your art you could simply trace onto a new sheet of paper with tape over the your practice sheet.

To make this washi tape art all you will need is:
  • A frame (mine was from a charity shop).
  • Thin white card or paper same size as your frame.
  • Washi tape (colours according to your preference)
  • Scissors
That's it! A very quick and easy piece of art dedicated to happy mail, what do you think? Hope you like it.

The Mail Art Kit Giveaway is here!

Here it is, a little later than planned (winter colds really slow me down) my mail art kit giveaway! I am so excited to announce my first ever giveaway. This kit I have put together is perfect for anyone who likes to embellish their mail or loves stationery.
The giveaway is for the mail art kit you can see in the photos. Inside the kit is lots of fabulous accessories to dress up your mail. So if you like to decorate your writing paper and envelopes, are looking to top up your stationery supplies, or really want to get into mail art but don't know where to start and are looking for some inspiration this is the kit for you! 
Inside this kit you will find items you can use to make your mail more visually interesting, attractive and really stand out! All of these stickers pictured above (some from well known brands) are included.
These tags are also inside the mail art kit. See below for full list of contents.

The contents of this giveaway include:
  • 3x washi tape
  • 5x handmade envelopes
  • stickers
  • mini bunting
  • postcards
  • magazine/leaflet cut outs for creating mail art
  • gift tags
  • twine
  • paper clips/pegs
  • washi tape samples
  • 2x letter sets
  • 2x surprise extras (not shown)
To enter this giveaway for the mail art kit just leave a comment on this blog post including your e-mail address. The closing date for entries will be this Monday 16th of February at midnight GMT. The winner will be chosen at random (names put in a hat with one drawn) then contacted through their e-mail address.

EDIT: This giveaway has now closed. The winner has been drawn and contacted through e-mail. Thanks so much to everyone who took part.

Winter inspired mail art

Here are a couple of winter inspired envelopes I have made recently. It has been so cold outside that I thought I would make my letters look cozy before I sent them on their travels. 

Look out for my next blog post in the next few days. I am very excited about it as I will be introducing a mail art kit I am giving away. Its going to be fabulous, I can't wait to show you! 

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