DIY: Easy 10 minute washi tape art (for mail lovers)

I really love art and have been meaning to create a piece to go on my wall for ages. I particularly like the idea of doing a painting and went as far as buying the canvas, paints and brushes. The problem is though, that I am not confident enough to actually put any paint on to the canvas. I get thoughts like "What if I make a mistake and cant cover it up? What if I don't like it when it is done? Do I throw the canvas in the bin?" So I never start. I looked online at other mediums I could try and was inspired by some washi tape art I had seen. Washi tape seemed the perfect thing to create a piece of art with. It is so quick to apply, easy to change/remove if you make a mistake and as I am not short of washi tape, cheap to put together. I knew straight away what the subject of my art would be, my love of letters (of course).

So I started off by sketching out my design. I then practiced placing the washi tape on sheets of paper a few times to see where, how and what size the strips of washi tape should be. Once I got it how I liked on the paper I just copied it onto some thin card. I measured the lengths of washi tape against the practice version I had on paper to get it the same but you could lightly draw the design with pencil and go over it with tape if you prefer. If you want to use paper instead of card for your art you could simply trace onto a new sheet of paper with tape over the your practice sheet.

To make this washi tape art all you will need is:
  • A frame (mine was from a charity shop).
  • Thin white card or paper same size as your frame.
  • Washi tape (colours according to your preference)
  • Scissors
That's it! A very quick and easy piece of art dedicated to happy mail, what do you think? Hope you like it.


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