Pink themed mail

A little while back I mentioned that I was going to try and cut back on buying writing supplies. It can be quite expensive writing regular letters if, like me you want to use shop bought letter sets. I challenged myself to not buy any new writing supplies for a while and just use what I already have instead. Doing this has definitely encouraged me to be more creative. Luckily I do have some craft supplies which helps but I don't think that it is necessary to have any to make something nice to send. I think if you get in the habit of looking out for materials (magazines/leaflets/giftwrap etc) that you can use and allow yourself to experiment and make mistakes it is quite possible to make gorgeous mail for free. 

I am planning on putting together a series of blog posts sharing my ideas for putting together pretty mail that is cheap/free soon. If this sounds like something you would be interested in reading or have a particular mail decorating query please comment at the end of this post and I will try and tailor the posts to your questions and interests. 

This pink themed letter was put together using decorative paper that came free with a craft magazine last year, some twine, magazine cutouts, a button and paper clip. All free! Well almost, confession time. I couldn't resist buying a little packet of used international mail stamps (which included that pink flower stamp you can see in the photos) from a charity shop the other day. I like decorating my mail with stamps occasionally as they are not only pretty but are also in keeping with the mail theme. As it is my first buying slip up so far I am not feeling to guilty about it.


  1. I love your pink mail.
    Sometimes I receive supplies as gift, but usually I repurpose materials. I hardly buy new items, other than envelopes. That triggers my creativity!

    1. Thank you Eva. That's great that you reuse things for your mail.

  2. Very cute mail, the pink paper lace doily is a nice addition. :)


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