Outgoing: Sewing themed mail art

When writing to someone I like to incorporate their interests into my letters as well as use them as inspiration for decorating their envelopes. This letter went out to a lovely lady who enjoys sewing. 

I put this sewing themed mail art envelope together by cutting out and gluing down pieces of patterned scrap paper and magazine cut outs. I wrote the address (edited out) like it had been sewn on to the yellow fabric. Hope the recipient likes it. Do you find ways to incorporate your recipients interests into your mail? Would love to hear or see your suggestions.

Easy peasy diy stamp card for mail lovers

I thought it would be great to make a card that stamp/ mail lovers would like. This is the design I went with. As you can see it is very simple and you don't need many materials.

All you need to make this card is a piece of smooth A5 size card folded in half (I cheated and bought some ready made blank cards), a pen, glue stick, scissors and either a real stamp, a printed off image or drawing of a stamp.

I started off with writing the words in white pen. If your wanting to use a white pen I recommend a good one like a Pentel 1.0mm, I couldn't find mine and ended up using a cheap pen which smudged a lot.

I then glued the stamp in place in the middle of the card. I was going to stop there but decided to try adding some washi tape, so applied it to the top and bottom edges. That is it, easy peasy!

Junk food mail art

This week I made this junk food mail art envelope out of some chip gift wrap paper (bought from a Tiger store), a takeaway leaflet, a piece of white paper and an envelope. I started off with covering the envelope with the chip paper then gluing a burger cut out onto the bottom corner. I then cut out and glued a receipt shape out of white paper and applied the stamp at an angle to look like a little flag (flag stick shape cut out of a post it note). To finish off I used a pencil to add a bit of detail. Do you think the postman will feel peckish when he sees this envelope?

I post all my crafty makes on Instagram if you would like to see them you can follow me there to. 

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