Quick and easy ways to decorate an envelope (Part 1 of 2)

Do you like to decorate your envelopes but always seem to be short of time and ideas? In this blog post I aim to show you a few quick and easy ways that you can transform your envelopes from plain and boring to bright and colourful.

1. Vintage/ decorative stamps.

If you like mail, you probably like stamps to. Putting vintage or foreign/decorative stamps along side your current stamps can make an envelope look very attractive. I bought the stamps that were used on the envelope above from my local Oxfam charity shop but you can also purchase secondhand stamps online through places like eBay or Etsy.

I like to place the stamps in the top right hand corner of the envelope but you can go as far as covering the whole front of the envelope in vintage stamps if you prefer. Margaret of Paper Pastries has showed how lovely an envelope covered in stamps can look on her blog.

Before sticking the stamps down I would suggest looking through them first and seeing if there is a particular colour or theme (such as flowers etc) that you like to go with. Once you have decided if you want to use a certain theme or colour, play around with the layout of the stamps. Then when your happy with the layout just stick them down.

2. Washi tape.

A really quick and popular way to decorate an envelope is to use washi tape. There are many possibilities for how you can use washi tape to make your envelopes stand out. You can place pieces of the tape in a random way like Jenna of the blog My Life as a Magazine does in such a simple and effective way or arrange them in a more structured design like what is shown on The Invitation Blog. Either way washi tape can certainly brighten up an envelope and is my go to when I am short on time!

3. Bunting

Bunting always makes me think of Summer garden parties. I am sending out some floral LOVE with the envelope I put together above. I think mini bunting can look quite charming on envelopes and decided it would go nicely with the letters I cut out of a magazine.

I made the bunting above from some fabric tape and sheets of sticky back fabric, both were from TIGER (click on the link to find a store near you). One of my favourite Instagram accounts that I follow is @marionbcn and she often uses bunting to decorate her envelopes and letters.

You can create your own mini bunting by cutting triangles out of different colours of paper or gift wrap and sticking them down with glue. You can save more time by doing away with the glue and using stickers or washi/fabric tape. Alternatively, you could try drawing bunting with some pencils or pens. Having a letter of the alphabet written on each triangle to make up a name or a word also looks good. If you think you don't have time for that, you could always buy some lovely ready printed bunting washi tape instead.

Do you have a favourite way to decorate your envelopes? I would love to hear about what you like to do in the comments section below. I hope you like these examples of quick and easy ways you can decorate an envelope.  Keep an eye out for the second part of the series coming soon.  

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