Strawberry mail and mail tag.

Last weekend I had a go at making some more stamps out of erasers. I made a strawberry stamp to decorate some paper to go with my strawberry envelope. I made the envelope (above) out of a shop leaflet. I find stamp making so relaxing (in between accidentally cutting myself with the stamp cutting tool, a lot!). I hope to make some more stamps soon any suggestions for designs? I am thinking of doing some mail themed ones.  
Before and after of my strawberry stamp.

Mail Tag

I have been tagged by the very sweet Vi of Postal Swing to answer the following questions about my written correspondence. So here goes:

1- Do you exchange letters?
Yes, I do.

2- If so, how long have you been doing it, if not, have you exchanged letters before? 
I have been exchanging letters regularly for just over two years now. 

3- Do you remember who was your first correspondent? 
When I was a young girl, probably around 10 years old I had a penpal in America. A bit later I had one in the Phillipines to. I don't remember their names anymore though, it was so long ago. My fondest penpal was in fact my grandmother who I exchanged letters with from my mid-teens onwards. 

4- Why did you start exchanging letters? 
I am very shy and an introvert so find being outgoing and sociable hard. I do enjoy having friends though and found that writing letters is the perfect way for me to have friendships. Conducting a friendship through letters means you can really be yourself and have a personal connection. Social media and e-mail just don't compare (for me). 

5- Have you thought about stopping exchanging letters? 
When I am having a busy time in my private life and it is taking me a long time to reply to my letters it occurs to me that perhaps I should take a break or stop. I know I would really miss sending/receiving letters though if I stopped. So I make time to write, even if it means staying up late or getting up extra early to do so.

6- Whats the maximum of correspondents you had? 
Right now I have four which is the most I have ever had. I have one in Scotland, England, Germany and Indonsia. I like the idea of taking on more as I love learning about others peoples lives and cultures but realistically I don't think I could manage it. It takes me a while to write a letter, my letters are usually quite long so I often write them in installments throughout a week. 

7- Do you prefer handwritten or typed letters? 
I suppose handwritten letters feel more personal. I have never received a typed letter though so would be pleased to get one. 

8- How do you define the sensation of receiving a letter? I get very excited to receive a letter. I like to wait for a quiet time when I can have some tea and really savor my pen friends news. 

9- Do you prefer to write or receive letters? I really enjoy writing and decorating letters and get a real buzz when I put a letter in the mail box, knowing it will be with my pen friend soon. Nothing beats actually receiving a letter though.

10- Write a handwritten message to your pen pals/correspondents. Tag 3 people to answer this tag.

I tag the lovely ladies of these blogs to join in with this Mail Tag: Mailadventures, Thimblecat and Ritewhileucan.

Find out more about me.

The lovely Joanna of the blog Adventures and Tea Parties has featured me as her Blog Gem this month. I have been a follower of Joanna's blog for a while now. She has done some great blog posts including her series of tips for starting a small business. To find out a bit more about me, how I get inspired and my tips for new bloggers have a look at her latest Blog Gem post and be sure to check out her other blog posts to. 

Also, if you are looking to buy some gorgeous hand embroidered fashion accessories I would definitely recommend Joanna's Etsy shop. Her products are top quality and make fabulous gifts.

5 Things I am loving this month

Here is a peek into what I am loving this month, as usual there's stationery involved!

I have been getting Flow magazine for over a year now and it is one of my favourites. Flow calls itself a magazine for paper lovers and it really is. Article topics in Flow include stationery, creativity, mindfulness, living a simpler life and being kind to yourself and others. As an added bonus paper treats are often included inside. This latest issue has a little illustrated creative notebook/planner called Flow Weekly that has gift paper inside. There are also some stickers included to. 

It's a magazine that not only encourages me to be the best version of myself but also indulges me in my love of paper, how could I not like it? Although it is a bit pricey at £9.95 it feels much more like a book than a magazine not just in the quality of the paper used but also in the quality of the content to. As it is only published 4 times a year I am happy to pay a bit more for this treat. You can order it online or (if you are in the UK) track down a copy in one of the larger W H Smith stores. 

2, Washi tape

Ah, my love of washi tape has yet to be diminished. Here are my current favorites; Yellow Neon tape, Envelope washi tapeHema Things washi tape3 x tapes (Red polka dot/ Strawberry/ and Pink) tape, Pink Floral washi tape.    

3, Neon colour ribbon  

Paperchase do ribbons! How did I miss this? On a visit to one of their shops last week I discovered these neon ribbons amongst loads of others. I feel in love with some lovely pom pom trim as well but managed to be very disciplined (mainly due to the fact my hands were already full with paper goodies!), so just got those neon ribbons above. To see Paperchases full range of ribbons and mini pom pom trims you can look in one of their stores or in their online shop. 

4, Paper cutter

I am starting to believe that Tiger Store actually has me in mind when they are choosing their product range. I seem to want to buy everything when I go in there and my home is looking more and more like a Tiger shop! I couldn't resist getting this paper cutter above from them and it didn't disappoint. I have used it to create a nice edge on my writing paper and gift tags. It is really easy to use and quite inexpensive to.

5, A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail monthly subscription.

I signed up to the Happy Mail subscription by A Beautiful Mess when it first launched. Every month an A4 size envelope has come through my door packed with greeting cards, post-it notes and stickers. It is stationery bliss! The cards etc are really good quality and cover a big range of occasions. My favourite items though are the inspirational quote postcards and the post-it notes. If you want to top up your stationery supplies every month and don't have the time or know where to shop this monthly subscription could be for you. It's a lovely treat through your mail box!

Instagram accounts I love and I think you will to.

Wowzers, when I see my Instagram photos from April (above) I'm struck by how much I must like bright things! I really enjoy sharing my crafty makes on Instagram. It has definitely become my favourite type of social media of late. With all the creative and artistic folk on there sharing snap shots of their lives and work it's a great place to go to for inspiration and ideas. I have found the craft and snail mail loving communities to be especially helpful and encouraging to.

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Instagrammers that I am following so that (if your not following them already) you may discover them to. This month I will share my favourite accounts belonging to snail mail/stationery enthusiasts.  

For those of you who are not keen on Instagram I've tried to include links to any websites, shops or blogs the Instagrammers have to.

My top 10 Instagram accounts for snail mail enthusiasists 

1, @ishtarolivera 

Ishtar is not only a snail mail enthusiast but she is also a very skilled illustrator and stamp carver to. Her images on both her blog and IG account are very stylish and beautiful. With an enviable style and talent, Ishtar is without doubt the crafter I get most inspired by!

2, @paperpasteries As well as a snail mail fan, Los Angeles based Margaret is also the owner of the lovely online shop Paper Pasteries. She sells an abundance of snail mail related items, including; rubber stamps, greeting cards, envelope templates and letter writing sets. If you are a stationery fan you are bound to find something you like in her shop!  You can catch up with Margarets snail mail updates, reviews and shop updates through her blog.

3, @marionbcn If you are looking for inspiration for decorating your own writing paper, look now further. Raquel uses washi tape, magazine collage and stamps to create her very own unique letter writing sets.

4, @craftmakesmile There is an ambundance of pretty mail to be seen with this account. I love the style the owner uses to decorate her envelopes, which is a combination of vintage stamps, stickers and illustrations. Her mail looks fabulous!

5, @wreckthisgirl

I first discovered Fab of 'Wreck this Girl' through her Etsy shop where I bought some lovely snail mail themed stickers. Fab is a very talented illustrator with all the items in her shop made from her own drawings. You can see her latest illustrations and mail updates through both her blog and IG account. As well as her shop, Fab also runs 'The Postal Society' an online snail mail community where members can take part in forum discussions, mail swaps and find new pen pals.

6, @dovbee  This account belongs to Donovan, the co-founder of the Letter Writers Alliance. She has a very distinct and attractive style for decorating her outgoing letters. You can see lots of examples of her mail through her account. 

8, @paperedthoughts Rin of Papered Thoughts blog, makes beautiful mail often decorated with washi tape. Through her IG account and blog you can see lots of examples of her creative mail.

9, @rehanu A keen snail mailer and stationery addict, Rehana shows through her IG account her creative outgoing mail (that's often hand decorated) along with her lovely stationery finds.

10, @lovelettergeneration

Have you heard of pocket letters? Pocket letters a new concept of letter that was originally started by Janette Lane. The concept is to send your pen pal a letter in the form of a pocket protector page (the sort often used for 'Project Life' scrapbooks or to collect football cards etc). The idea is to fill each pocket of one pocket page with the sort of things your pen pal might like, such as; washi tape samples, stickers, tea bags, photos, ephemera and folded up letters.

Alisha of @lovelettergeneration above shows through her IG account the pocket letters she sends to her pen pals. Her pocket letters always look really pretty and are great to look at if you want ideas on how to get started with those type of letters.

My top 5 Instagram accounts for stationery addicts

1, @luckydipclub

Lucky Dip Club is a UK based monthly subscription goodie box. Each month has a different theme and new set of gorgeous treats inside including stationery, trinkets and personalised items.  You can find out more about these fun boxes on the website, but you will have to be quick if you want one as they often sell out within hours of going on sale!

2, @frompaperchase This account belongs to one of the best stationery shops around Paper Chase. They showcase through their account their lovely merchandise. You can find their full stationery range in their shop

3, @foxandstar A UK based stationery shop that stocks a huge range of washi tape as well as pens, notebooks, highlighters and sticky notes. Through their IG account you will see examples of the goods they sell in their shop

4, @theideaowl The Idea Owl sells many stationery goods through their online shop, such as; kawaii items, washi tape and letter writing sets to name but a few. The unique thing about this shop is that aswell as being able to add items to your basket on the website you can also add items through Instagram by commenting on their photos of the items for sale.

5, @rosehippaper Silkie, the owner of the online shop Rosehip Cards shows through her beautifully styled photos on IG her lovely range of notebooks, gift wrap, washi tape and greetings cards that she sells.

I hope you liked this blog post, if you have any recommendations for other Instagram accounts/ blogs or shops you think are good please let me know in the comments section below.

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