5 Things I am loving this month

Here is a peek into what I am loving this month, as usual there's stationery involved!

I have been getting Flow magazine for over a year now and it is one of my favourites. Flow calls itself a magazine for paper lovers and it really is. Article topics in Flow include stationery, creativity, mindfulness, living a simpler life and being kind to yourself and others. As an added bonus paper treats are often included inside. This latest issue has a little illustrated creative notebook/planner called Flow Weekly that has gift paper inside. There are also some stickers included to. 

It's a magazine that not only encourages me to be the best version of myself but also indulges me in my love of paper, how could I not like it? Although it is a bit pricey at £9.95 it feels much more like a book than a magazine not just in the quality of the paper used but also in the quality of the content to. As it is only published 4 times a year I am happy to pay a bit more for this treat. You can order it online or (if you are in the UK) track down a copy in one of the larger W H Smith stores. 

2, Washi tape

Ah, my love of washi tape has yet to be diminished. Here are my current favorites; Yellow Neon tape, Envelope washi tapeHema Things washi tape3 x tapes (Red polka dot/ Strawberry/ and Pink) tape, Pink Floral washi tape.    

3, Neon colour ribbon  

Paperchase do ribbons! How did I miss this? On a visit to one of their shops last week I discovered these neon ribbons amongst loads of others. I feel in love with some lovely pom pom trim as well but managed to be very disciplined (mainly due to the fact my hands were already full with paper goodies!), so just got those neon ribbons above. To see Paperchases full range of ribbons and mini pom pom trims you can look in one of their stores or in their online shop. 

4, Paper cutter

I am starting to believe that Tiger Store actually has me in mind when they are choosing their product range. I seem to want to buy everything when I go in there and my home is looking more and more like a Tiger shop! I couldn't resist getting this paper cutter above from them and it didn't disappoint. I have used it to create a nice edge on my writing paper and gift tags. It is really easy to use and quite inexpensive to.

5, A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail monthly subscription.

I signed up to the Happy Mail subscription by A Beautiful Mess when it first launched. Every month an A4 size envelope has come through my door packed with greeting cards, post-it notes and stickers. It is stationery bliss! The cards etc are really good quality and cover a big range of occasions. My favourite items though are the inspirational quote postcards and the post-it notes. If you want to top up your stationery supplies every month and don't have the time or know where to shop this monthly subscription could be for you. It's a lovely treat through your mail box!


  1. Aw!! Thanks so much for including one of my tapes! What lovely finds. The ribbon is gorgeous too. I am forever doing plant pot DIYs and I'm pretty sure that one's next one my list!

    1. Thank you Rose! I love that envelope washi tape, it really is one of my favourites. Will be stocking up on tapes again soon from your shop x

  2. Love the neon ribbons and definitely going to look for that paper cutter next time I'm in Tiger!

    Zoe | floral and feather

    1. Just discovered your blog Zoe it's lovely, will be following from now on.


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