Strawberry mail and mail tag.

Last weekend I had a go at making some more stamps out of erasers. I made a strawberry stamp to decorate some paper to go with my strawberry envelope. I made the envelope (above) out of a shop leaflet. I find stamp making so relaxing (in between accidentally cutting myself with the stamp cutting tool, a lot!). I hope to make some more stamps soon any suggestions for designs? I am thinking of doing some mail themed ones.  
Before and after of my strawberry stamp.

Mail Tag

I have been tagged by the very sweet Vi of Postal Swing to answer the following questions about my written correspondence. So here goes:

1- Do you exchange letters?
Yes, I do.

2- If so, how long have you been doing it, if not, have you exchanged letters before? 
I have been exchanging letters regularly for just over two years now. 

3- Do you remember who was your first correspondent? 
When I was a young girl, probably around 10 years old I had a penpal in America. A bit later I had one in the Phillipines to. I don't remember their names anymore though, it was so long ago. My fondest penpal was in fact my grandmother who I exchanged letters with from my mid-teens onwards. 

4- Why did you start exchanging letters? 
I am very shy and an introvert so find being outgoing and sociable hard. I do enjoy having friends though and found that writing letters is the perfect way for me to have friendships. Conducting a friendship through letters means you can really be yourself and have a personal connection. Social media and e-mail just don't compare (for me). 

5- Have you thought about stopping exchanging letters? 
When I am having a busy time in my private life and it is taking me a long time to reply to my letters it occurs to me that perhaps I should take a break or stop. I know I would really miss sending/receiving letters though if I stopped. So I make time to write, even if it means staying up late or getting up extra early to do so.

6- Whats the maximum of correspondents you had? 
Right now I have four which is the most I have ever had. I have one in Scotland, England, Germany and Indonsia. I like the idea of taking on more as I love learning about others peoples lives and cultures but realistically I don't think I could manage it. It takes me a while to write a letter, my letters are usually quite long so I often write them in installments throughout a week. 

7- Do you prefer handwritten or typed letters? 
I suppose handwritten letters feel more personal. I have never received a typed letter though so would be pleased to get one. 

8- How do you define the sensation of receiving a letter? I get very excited to receive a letter. I like to wait for a quiet time when I can have some tea and really savor my pen friends news. 

9- Do you prefer to write or receive letters? I really enjoy writing and decorating letters and get a real buzz when I put a letter in the mail box, knowing it will be with my pen friend soon. Nothing beats actually receiving a letter though.

10- Write a handwritten message to your pen pals/correspondents. Tag 3 people to answer this tag.

I tag the lovely ladies of these blogs to join in with this Mail Tag: Mailadventures, Thimblecat and Ritewhileucan.


  1. Lovely stamps you made ^.^ And I loved reading your answers :)

  2. Hi!
    My name is Gabriela, I am from Brazil! I tagged @postalswing and I created this Tag. I'm very happy to see my Tag going around the World!
    I'm sorry my english, but it's not very good!

    1. Hi Gabi, how lovely to have the creator of the tag visit my blog. Thanks for stopping by and for making up the tag x

  3. Hello, Hannah. Thanks for thinking of me. I will publish my answers next Sunday on the blog.

    1. O.k, Eva. I would like to read your answers, but please only answer if you want to x


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