Quick and easy ways to decorate envelopes (part 2 of 2)

Hello there! A little while back I shared part 1 of my quick and easy ways to decorate envelopes. Here at last is part 2. I hope you like my suggestions!

1, Paper inserts

Putting decorative paper inserts into your envelopes adds a nice splash of colour to your mail. All you need to do is trace around your envelope (address side facing down) onto the paper you want to be on the inside. Once you have your paper cut out, trim about 1cm off the bottom so that when you push the paper insert inside the envelope you can still use the sticky strip at the top to seal it. Also trim 2-3mms on each side of the paper so it slides into the envelope nicely. On the back of the paper, using a glue stick apply glue to it's bottom and side edges (I found a tiny bit of glue in each corner to be enough). Open the envelope up wide and carefully insert the paper into the envelope. When the paper is in position glue down it's top edge to. Let the envelope dry for a few minutes and then your done.

I used decorative paper that I got free with craft magazines and gift wrap but you can use any paper you think would look good inside your envelopes. 

2, Wax seals

Another quick way to decorate your envelopes is by sealing them with a wax seal. I have finally got my own stamp to make wax seals, I have wanted one for ages. I just love how an envelope looks when it is sealed with wax. It makes the letter feel so special, I think. I bought this one from Hobby Craft and it is so quick and easy to use. Basically, just light the wick on the wax and let it drip onto the part of the envelope you want to be sealed. Then make an imprint in the wax with the stamp, it's  easy!

Not keen on using a wax stamp? Why not try sealing your envelope with a sticker instead? It adds a nice finishing touch to your mail. The stickers I used above are: Snail Mail stickers, Just For You doily stickers, Rainbow colours, Cath Kidston stickers, and Retro Animal stickers.

3, Stickers

Stickers are a super quick and easy way to decorate envelopes. The stickers I used for the envelopes above and below are from Wilko but you can find similar ones in lots of places and are usually very cheap. Whether you arrange them into pictures or patterns or have them stuck down like confetti, they definitely brighten up an envelope.

I hope you have enjoyed the second part of my quick and easy ways to decorate envelopes. I should have made it three parts because I have thought of quite a few more ways to decorate envelopes whilst putting this blog post together. I will be sure to share my other ideas soon. 

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