My #BringBackPaper Swap parcel

A package full of stationery and paper goodies can not fail to brighten my day. That's why I recently joined in with the #BringBackPaper swap that Joycelyn of the blog The Reading Residence organised. Those involved in the swap were given a partner to swap stationery/paper goodies with. It was such a lovely idea, what could be better my fellow stationery fans?

I was partnered with a lovely lady called Laura, who, as luck would have it works as an independent seller for a stationery shop. For a stationery fan like myself, running an actual stationery shop has got to be a dream job. Psst, I am designing my own stationery line at the moment. Can't wait to share more with you soon.

Laura sent me all these greeting cards (above, minus one I have already used) and some leaf page markers. Such a happy mail day!

A few of the greeting cards, like this beautiful butterfly card were actually from her shop. I think it is my favorite card and would be the perfect thing to send a butterfly fan. 

The page markers she sent will definitely come in handy with my planner to. As well as those goodies, Laura also included in her package to me a brochure of her shops products. The shop is called Phoenix Trading and it has a big range of goods, including; greeting cards, notepads, gift wrap, children's games and more. The products seem to be really good value for money, I will be placing an order really soon! 

A big thanks to Laura for sending me such a lovely swap package and for introducing me to her stationery business. If you are curious to see what I sent Laura head over to her blog Think Cards, Think Laura.

Do you know of any other stationery/happy mail swaps happening right now? Please share, I do love a good swap don't you?


  1. I have ordered Phoenix stationery products from my local seller (a mum in my children's primary school) many times and they are invariably very affordable, pretty and good-quality. As a plus, there is no postage, as the seller simply brings me the items to the playground, very carefully wrapped in case of rain. It is a lovely way to shop.

    1. Sorry I saw your comment late Lata. Thanks so much for sharing your experience of using their services. I am surprised I haven't heard of the Phoenix company before, it does seem like a lovely way to buy stationery. I think I will be buying some things from them very soon through Laura, my swap partner.


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