5 things I am loving right now

Hello there, it has been a while hasn't it? Summer holiday fun with my family and the organisation  of a new stationery business has left little time for blogging. I miss it when I take a break though so I am back today sharing some things that I am enjoying right now. For those of you who like stationery here's some eye candy.  

Washi tapes

A regular theme for 'things I am loving' is washi tape. Here are my most recent purchases. 1. Maste 'Jungle' Design  2. Yellow (Marble) Pattern Tape  3. Maste 'Geometric' Design  4. Rain Drop Sellotape by TIGER Store (find your nearest store). Such a colourful collection of tapes, I can't wait to brighten my mail with them. 

Sorry it's late card

For those of you living in the United Kingdom this card will be instantly recognisable as the usual red card the postman leaves when you have missed your parcel delivery. Look closer though and you will see that this card is actually a 'Sorry it's late' (for your special occasion) postcard cleverly designed to look like the one the postman leaves. 

Imagine the disappointment (from missing a parcel and having to wait to pick it up) turn to a smile and maybe even a laugh when the recipient realises it is instead a funny card. I am so pleased with these postcards, they are perfect for someone like me who forgets occasions often. I found the Sorry, it's late postcards on Etsy.


I love a nice notepad (or ten!) and have bought some nice ones in TK Maxx recently. I find that it can often be a bit hit or miss with TK Maxx. Finding nice stationery items there is often a miss, with things sold out or just a limited selection. Other times though, it can feel like hitting the stationery jackpot. 

I picked up a couple of notepads recently from them that were quite affordable compared to other high street shops. I loved this colourful notepad (above) I can see myself using it often. Another notepad I bought you can see below. There is a small selection of stationery on the TK Maxx website but a better selection can sometimes be found in their larger stores.

FriXion Erasable Pen

Photo of writing done with a Pilot FriXion pen before and after it is erased (notepad from TK Maxx).

Can it be true, an erasable pen? I always write my letters and notes with pen and make a ridiculous amount of mistakes. Mainly due I think, to bad spelling and grammar, being left handed and smudging my writing and the fact I often change my mind about what I want to say.  Making lots of mistakes has meant that up until now a lot of my letters/notes have to be re-written.

I recently discovered that there are actually pens that can erase their own ink. How did I miss this? I don't think I have ever got so excited about a pen as I have with the Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen. Although the ink is still slightly visible after you have erased it, it is only slight. I would still prefer to use an erasable FriXion pen over using an ordinary pen and putting Tipp-Ex on my mistakes, as it is much easier to write over and makes mistakes much less noticeable. My FriXion pen is going to save me SO much time not having to write things over and over, I love it! The Pilot FriXion Erasable pens also come in quite a few colours to. 

Mollie Makes Magazine

It is safe to say that as a monthly subscriber to Mollie Makes Magazine that I am loving it every month but this latest issue (above) is really good. It is such a colourful issue (you know how much I love colours) I really like the free patterned papers that came free with this issue, I might turn them into some envelopes or use them for some origami. I also really like all the projects inside, especially those by Fall For Diy and super+super. I think I need to knuckle down and finally learn how to crochet as well so I can make the bracelets using the yarn, charms and hook in the free kit. What are you loving at the moment?
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