How-to turn a greeting card into a notebook letter.

I often see greeting cards that I think someone I know would like to receive. Once I start writing in a card though I find that I quickly fill up both blank sides with writing and am looking around for paper to write the rest of my correspondence on. 

Whilst there is no problem with having extra pieces of paper inside the card there is a way you can make the extra paper inside look more intentional and cohesive. You can do this by turning your greeting card into a notebook letter (I made that term up, if there is a proper name for it please let me know).

All you need to make a notebook letter is: a greeting card, sheets of plain or lined paper, scissors, a large needle and some thread or twine. Just cut the sheets of paper to the same or slightly smaller size of your greeting card and attach them to the inside. There are a couple of ways you can do it, I will share with you how.

The two methods both start the same way. Firstly, take a few sheets of paper (or however many you will need) and cut to size. You can use your card as a template by laying it flat on top of the paper then drawing around it and cutting them out.

Then make sure all your sheets of paper are neatly lined up and fold them in half width ways. Place the sheets of paper so they are in the centre of the card. The fold along the centre of the paper should be directly on top of the inside fold of the card.

Now you can do two different things:

Option 1. Tie up with twine

Make two small holes through the card and paper about one inch from the top and bottom of the centre fold with either a large sharp needle or small pointy scissors (a compass like the ones we used to use in maths lessons at school would also work). Thread the twine through the two holes so that both ends of the twine are on the outside of the card. Finally, tie the twine ends that are on the outside of your card together in a bow or knot.

As well as using the pages to write on you can also attach some little extras. I like to stick things like postcards or photos on to the paper with washi tape and put items, like stickers in small envelopes or glassine bags that have been glued onto the pages.

Option 2. Running stitch

The second option is to sew a running stitch along the centre fold using strong/embroidery thread. Depending on the thickness of the card you may need to make the holes to pull the thread through before you start sewing. Thread your needle and knot the end. Then decide which side of the card you want the knot to be, I tried having the knot on the inside and outside (see examples below). Sew a  running stitch along the centre crease and knot the end when finished.

The running stitch method is more secure than the twine method but takes a bit longer to do. Alternatively, a much quicker technique would be to use a large stapler and staple the card and paper together along the crease on the outside of the card. 

In addition to using notebook letters to send to others you could also make your own to keep. You could make your own collection of notebook letters to have as mini journals or scrapbooks to store memories and ideas in.

I used this notebook letter above to document my love of autumn, which I am going to keep for myself. I like the idea of having mini scrapbooks so will be making more soon.

There you have it, how to turn a greeting card into a notebook letter. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, I would love to know your thoughts about it in the comments section below. 


  1. What a lovely idea. I'm going to give this a try.

    1. Thanks so much Julie. I hope you like the results when you try it. I forgot to mention in the post that using contrasting colours of paper and thin ribbons or lace to tie the paper to the card could also look nice. Have fun crafting x

  2. So nice :) I love your mail ideas :)

  3. That's a very good idea that I'm going to steal! :)


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