SHOPS OPEN! Update and discount code.

Hello dear blog followers! Sorry for being so quiet lately, I've been working away trying to get things ready for my Etsy shop. I have had to deal with a heap of obstacles both business wise and life wise along the way and I've learnt a lot of lessons to (some quite expensive ones!). I am so pleased to announce that my virtual shop doors are now finally open, yay. 

My shop is called Thoughtful Types and I will be selling a variety of stationery goods especially designed with snail mail enthusiasts and stationery fans in mind. My products will include; postcards, greeting cards, prints, writing sets, stickers and tote bags.

A lot of the products in the shop will be illustrated my myself. Here are some photos of my product designing process, this particular design below is now a letter writing set available to buy in my shop.

I start out by making a sketch with pencil which I then I scan to my laptop. I open up the scanned image in Photoshop and make any adjustments and clean up any mistakes or marks.

I added the colours digitally with this particular letter set (below) so that they were more vibrant and crisp.

Finally, I save my image and send the digital file to a professional printers in the UK to be printed. I then wait impatiently for my products to be ready. There we have it, that's my product design process. The finished letter writing set is in the photo below and available to buy now here

My Etsy shop has just opened and currently has a couple of postcards, a greeting card, letter writing set and sticker set for sale. I will be adding more products very soon. 

As a special thank you to all of you lovely blog followers I would like to offer you a 20% discount off any purchase in my shop Thoughtful Types. Just enter the discount code: HAPPYMAIL20 (expires 01/05/16) at the checkout. I welcome any feedback on my shop or blog so please don't hesitate to comment below or e-mail me. Have a lovely day!


  1. Congratulations!
    I wish you all the luck!
    I love the pictures in your shop.

    1. Thanks so much Eva! A little parcel is heading it's way to you soon x


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